Customer's Results

Anshu D. - India 

White On cream is such a great product that it makes the skin shiny and stops itching instantly. It enhances and equalizes your skin tone. I have never seen such an incredibly beautiful product. Thank you so much.

Rosalia H. – Philippines

This cream is amazing, my skin has shown a 100% improvement within the first two weeks of using this cream. I want to always have this cream available, it well worth the price and is the only cream that has worked for my skin so effectively. Thank to White On Cream, I love my skin.

Kwan P. – South Korea 

I have used a lot of whitening creams in South Korea. None of them gave the result I wanted. I got the white skin tone I wanted in about 5 months of use. This cream is truly miraculous and definitely deserving of its money.

Neha L. – Pakistan 

This was sent to me by my sister from the Netherlands. She talked alot of positive things about it. Now I have alot of pores. Large pores. And some uneven skin. After using this for couple of months. I have to I am shocked! My pores are reducing and skin looks pretty clear and bright. I def will continue taking it. I’m happy with my results so far.

Rachael H. – Canada 

This whitening cream is very effective. I’ve been using it for a 4 months and I’m seeing very good results.. I have used many whitening products that did not work. Many of the whitening products that I’ve used in the past are drying to the skin. Honestly this product is very moisturizing. It is sheer and has a wonderful feeling on the skin. I highly recommend it.

Izad A. – Pakistan

It's great for skin. It makes your skin feel radiant and brightening. Changes your skin can't say enough. Try it you will like it. Every Male friend of mine likes it. I suggest to use it at least for a year.

Blanche C. - USA 

I've always wanted to have a whiter and silky skin. I have tried many products and methods to whiten my skin. Unfortunately, I didn't get the results I wanted and some products made my skin allergic. I met the White On Cream a suggestion made by a user on Youtube. It made a huge difference on my's really work.I can feel that my skin has become brighter than before. I did not experience any side effects. I am loving the results. It's really super awesome brand😍😍😍totally loved it.

Carolyn J. - USA

That is so true that this product can really help you to remove your trouble and embarrassed feeling. This whitening cream is formulated with highly effective ingredients that whiten the skin on your body. You know I found their description was the reason that I want to give it a try. They said that “ You can use this cream on your underarm/armpit, knees, elbows, areola, nipple, neck, lips and other private areas.” And yes, I did want to try first on my knees. The happy thing happened and I got the great result I want. Now I will continue to use it on my armpit, and elbows. I can’t wait to welcome summer that don’t worry about my darker skin part.

Irene G. - Mexico 

I was skeptical initially but it definitely lightened my skin, and gives your skin an amazing glow! I’m only 2 motnhs in, and started to see results within 1 week! Totally pleased with the product. No side effects of ill health noted.

Shreya K. – India

It has helped the scars on my face and it has helped even out my skin tone. It doesn’t make my skin feel like it burns either which is great! I will be ordering this again. Thank you .

Janet L.- Taiwan 

First of all I did many research before u bought this and it was well worth the money .When I first started taking it completely clense my body and a 3 weeks later I start noticing my skin is looking much lighter. I now have a healthy glow and my complexion is evening out.

Karen T. - USA 

I used 9 bottles of White On Cream and the results are truly amazing. Due to previous product experiences, I did not think I would achieve a permanent whiteness. But without any bad side effects, it whitened my skin. If you are looking for a permanent whiteness, definitely try it. Note: You should be patient, I got my first result after 4 bottles. Depending on the structure of your skin, the time to get results can be different.

Amanda Y.- Canada 

This cream work great in improving discoloration/ hyperpigmentation and gives your skin a glow. I am on my third bottle and will continue using it.

Yasir M. – Pakistan 

My product arrived quickly and with no damage! This cream really works with in 2 weeks I can notice the good changes on my dark spots like knees and elbows specially on my face so would love to maintain this product.